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  1. To start and carry out a standardized educational programme for hospital chaplains, either for those who have already been performing this job as well as for those who are getting ready for this profession (support of this type of education at theological faculties)
  2. To hold seminars with the aim to bring enlightenment about spiritual care in hospitals and put the position of hospital chaplains through in health service
  3. To secure conditions for Association operation practically (operating costs)
  4. To publish professional publications, promotional materials for the public and materials aimed at a support of patients and their families



By spreading good word about hospital chaplains in your environs

Financially by one-off financial gift or by regular payment orders with a little amount on our account 612612614/5500

Should you wish to send a gift exceeding the amount of CZK 1,000, please print out two copies of the gift certificate, fill it in and send it to: ANK (Vítězslav Vurst), Rudolfo 50, Zábřeh, 789 01. An acknowledged copy of the certificate will be resent to you after the financial transfer of your gift.

Should you wish to meet ANK personally with the intent of support, please contact us on our email address

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