The aims of our activities

The aims of the association are:

  1. to define principles and conditions of hospital chaplains’ good professional practice and to motivate their professional development;
  2. to provide chaplains as well as volunteers involved in programmes of spiritual and pastoral health care with professional support;
  3. to propagate spiritual and pastoral care both in society and in all types of health institutions;
  4. to support cooperation with other organizations providing spiritual and pastoral care in health service both in the Czech Republic and abroad;
  5. to support union with relevant church boards and associations in the ecumenical sense and keep active relations with organizations associating army and prison chaplains and with clergy performing pastoral service in different branches of the police of the Czech Republic
  6. to support a dialogue with clergy of world religions other than Christianity who provide spiritual care in health institutions

Activities description

  1. Activities must meet the aims of the association.
  2. The main form of achieving the goals of the association is supporting of education, enlightenment and securing quality professional spiritual and pastoral care of patients, their close friends, medical staff and chaplains namely:
  1. to organize educational courses for chaplains and laymen in cooperation with theological faculties, professional companies and well-founded professionals
  2. ensure professional care of chaplains, their coordinators and volunteers by organising collective meetings and supervisions;
  3. to cooperate with all churches and keep ecumenical spirit via the Ecumenical Council of Churches;
  4. to support spiritual and pastoral care as an integral part of a good care of patients by making objective information public, to support good practice and guarantee its quality;
  5. to provide health institutions, other health subjects and relevant church boards and associations with professional consulting;
  6. to provide churches and chaplains with pieces of advice and to give them references during contractual negotiations;
  7. to help with clarifying potential misunderstandings and potential problems between the managements of health institutions, possibly church representatives and chaplains;
  8. to publish suitable documents meant for patients, their families and other documents which serve to meet the association’s aims;
  9. to look after volunteers who have joined spiritual and pastoral care, ensuring their education, supervision and encourage cooperation with chaplains;
  10. to support meetings of chaplains on the national, regional or local level.